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You Didn’t Get the Job – What’s Next?

It’s frustrating when you participate in rounds of interviews over weeks or months and aren’t offered a job. Even if you weren’t completely sold on the position, you invested a significant amount of time preparing for and participating in discussions about why you’re most qualified for the role. Although it’s acceptable to spend a limited amount of time venting about your being passed over for the position, you need to move forward to find your next opportunity.

Here are some things you can do after you don’t get the job you wanted.

Write Down Your Successes

Make a list of all the wins you experienced during the recruitment process. Your cover letter and resume caught the hiring manager’s eye. Perhaps a member of your network introduced you to them. A recruiter might have been impressed with your online portfolio. You may have found your dream job and made it to the final round of consideration. The interviewers enjoyed hearing your stories. Maybe you prepared differently, and things went more smoothly. Write down everything that went well with this experience. Be sure to do the same things next time to increase your odds of being offered a role.

Request Feedback

When you’ve regained your positive mindset, ask the interviewers how you can improve your performance. Respond to the email stating they chose another candidate. Thank the team for considering you for the role. Restate how much you enjoyed meeting everyone and still are excited about what the company is doing. Ask whether there’s anything you can do to improve your odds of being offered a similar role. Let the interviewers know you value their input. Ask to be considered for related opportunities down the road.

Determine What Attracted You to the Role

Think about specific reasons you were drawn to the position or company. Perhaps you would be working with an amazing startup or exceptionally creative team. Use this information to determine your criteria for positions you want to apply for next. There are likely similar roles and employers who fit what you’re looking for. Use your criteria to target jobs through networking and googling your specific needs and interests. Apply your experience to find your next opportunity.

Continue to Move Forward

Remind yourself that successful people are resilient. They use setbacks and disappointments as opportunities to learn and grow. Successful people focus on the future rather than the past. Instead of mentally reviewing what went wrong or why you weren’t offered the role, think about steps you can take to find your next role.

Partner with a Recruiter

Involve Proficient Staffing in your next finance and accounting job search. We get to know your personality, work habits, and preferences, then connect you with companies that are a good fit.


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