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By conducting interviews to background checks, we balance our focus on customer-service with a detailed, and assurance-minded system of checks and balances. 

We don’t just connect you with a resume. We find the best talent for your organization, here is how we do it: 


                                                                        Quality Hires, Quickly

Finding the best talent without down time is crucial to minimizing the costs of procurement. For temporary assignments, our median time-to-fill is just 25 minutes, and no matter what you’re hiring for, we try to provide resumes within 24 hours of receiving your job order. Our hiring advisors are incentivized to work as a team to get you the quickest result.


                                                                  Personal Interviews + Vetting

During a candidate’s initial interview, we capture as much about his or her experience, goals, and attitude as possible. We go beyond the resume to invest time with the applicant, because there’s only so much a job description can say.


                                                                    Standards You Can Trust

We use industry-leading provider skill evaluation software to provide assessments to candidates that are highly customizable and tailored to your specific industry. We conduct a thorough and consistent evaluation process which includes extensive interviews with each applicant using behavioral-evaluation techniques. Our staff take time to learn an individual’s aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences, preferred work environment, and more, allowing them to be placed in a position best-suited for him/her.



Our assessments allow us to test hard skills such as proficiency with key software tools as well as behavioral traits and work styles. We require all applicants to provide their employment history with a minimum of two positive business-related references. Once verified by Proficient Staffing, these references can identify past workplace behaviors and tendencies that help us determine ideal workplace environments for each individual. At client request we can also conduct full background and chemical screening.


                                                                 Our 5•50 Guarantee Program

More than 50% of all employees who leave a new job do so in the first 12 months. If you hire on your own, this means you incur the time and expense it takes to hire each time.

3 Ways to Hire

Whether you need one person, or hundreds, Proficient Staffing offers hiring programs and options that work for your business. Below, you’ll find our core hiring programs of how Proficient Staffing interfaces with your company.


The Direct Hire Program

Our client companies use this program to find top performers to fill crucial roles in their businesses.


The Temp-To-Hire Program

When you need to bring someone on immediately, but also have to mitigate your risk, we suggest our Temp-to-Hire program. Evaluate how a placement works with your team and within your company culture, while on our payroll. We combine the speed and flexibility of our Temporary staffing services with the power of our Direct Hire recruitment services.


The Temporary Program

Temporary or Contract staffing provides you with fast help when you need it for as long as you need it. Maintain your productivity in any situation through contingent workers, and mitigate the costs and risks typically associated with full-time headcount.

Let us find the best employee for you! 

Tell us who you're looking for, and we'll start an immediate, no obligation search. You can also contact us by telephone at 248.464.3335 or email us at:

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