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Why You Should Highlight Your Bilingual Skills in Your Resume

The increasing diversity of the U.S. population and the expansion of the global economy mean the demand for employees who speak a second language is stronger than ever. To separate yourself from other candidates in your field, you need to point out on your resume the fact that you speak another language. This is especially important in industries such as finance and accounting. Because firms sell goods and services to a multicultural market, they need employees who understand the language and culture of their clients and vendors. You may even earn more per hour than other employees who aren’t bilingual.

Here are three reasons to mention in your resume the second language you speak.

Multiple Languages Are in Demand

Along with English, employees fluent in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Mandarin are in high demand. Because the Latinx community in the United States is projected to add just under 2 million people annually, there’s a significant need for job seekers fluent in Spanish and English. Globalization and the economic and political rise of Asian nations increase the demand for candidates who speak Japanese, Chinese, or Mandarin. This is especially true on the West Coast.

Bilingual Skills Provide Additional Employer Value

Even if the jobs you apply for don’t require speaking a second language, your fluency provides an additional benefit for employers. It demonstrates your strong analytical skills and communication abilities. Linguistics teach you to be aware of cultural differences. It also provides perspective when analyzing other languages. Because learning another language requires patience, hard work, and determination to master it, engaging in the process shows you follow through on things and commit to reaching long-term goals.

Bilingualism Promotes Innovation

Fluency in another language makes you more innovative. Understanding another culture adds diversity to your workplace. This helps you share more ideas and feedback because you see things from a variety of perspectives. Since you think differently than your colleagues, you take a more creative approach to problems. Your bilingual skills help you process information, pay attention to detail, understand non-verbal cues, and adapt to change. This makes you exceptionally good at what you do.

Find a Bilingual Finance, Accounting, or Admin Role

Find a bilingual finance, accounting, or admin role through Proficient Staffing. We know many hiring managers and have inside tracks with potential employers who need the knowledge, skills, and experience you have. Contact us today.


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