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The Importance of Continuing Your Education While Employed

Continuing education refers to post-secondary learning or programs that adults engage in after formal education. This may include seminars, conferences, one-time classes, online courses, or programs that lead to a certificate, license, or degree. No matter how you pursue continuing education, it enhances your marketability and employment opportunities. This is why you need to make continuing education a priority in your career.

Here are five reasons why continuing to educate yourself while employed is important.

Potentially Increase Your Salary

You may earn a raise or gain a higher starting salary at a new position because of your investment in continuing education. If you have a college degree, you should be able to earn thousands of dollars more than if you didn’t have one. Investing in continuing education that directly benefits your employer may be rewarded with salary increases. This can elevate your job satisfaction and quality of life, letting you adopt the lifestyle you desire.

Enhance Personal Development

Since learning should be a lifelong process, devoting time to continuing education promotes personal development. Whether gaining knowledge about topics that fascinate you or adding to your skill set, continuing education makes you a more educated, well-rounded person. You can engage in conversations about a variety of topics while giving and receiving additional information. This keeps you connected with others and engaged in life.

Elevate Your Employability

Listing continuing education on your resume increases your employability. Even if you meet the minimum level of required education, continuously participating in opportunities makes you stand out. Employers see that you enjoy taking on challenges and succeeding. You gain insights on current trends and skills in your industry. Increasing your marketability increases your job prospects.

Improve Your Likelihood of Being Promoted

Your employer should find your engagement in continuing education one reason to give you a promotion. They’re likely to recognize and reward the time and money you invest in improving yourself. The knowledge, skills, and abilities you gain may qualify you for advanced work. This is especially true if you earn a certification or advanced degree that’s required to fill a role. Having more education than other candidates help you stand out. Dedication to self-improvement shows you’re able to handle additional tasks and responsibilities.

Facilitate a Career Transition

If you want to make a career change, continuing education may qualify you for a new field. If you decide to work in finance or accounting, there may be requirements for licensure or degrees to hold specific jobs. Pursuing these education requirements and earning the necessary certificate, license, or degree prepares you for your new career path.

Use Your Education to Find a New Job

Use your continuing education to find a new finance, accounting, or admin job with help from Proficient Staffing. Based on your needs and interests, we can set up interviews for part-time, full-time, contract, permanent, contract-to-permanent, or consulting roles. We’re here to help!


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