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How to Talk with Your Manager About Extending Your Contract

If you’re enjoying your contract position and nearing the end date, you may want to consider requesting a full-time role. If you’re able to transition to a permanent position, you can remain with the teammates you like, work that keeps you engaged, and a company you feel loyal to. To begin the process of moving from a contract role to full-time employment, you need to talk with your manager.

Here’s some advice for talking with your manager about turning your contract role into a permanent position.

Set Up a Meeting

Ask your manager for a meeting to discuss a contract extension. You need adequate time to talk about why you enjoy your work, colleagues, and company and would enjoy becoming a permanent part of the team. Allow your manager to consider whether they want to offer you a full-time position and if an additional role is in the budget.

Show Gratitude

Let your manager know how much you appreciate being able to perform your work with a team you enjoy. Talk about the reasons why you like working for the organization and what you’ve learned. Mention specific elements of your tasks that kept you engaged and productive. Remain humble to increase your odds of being offered a permanent role.

Share Your Achievements

Discuss the most significant accomplishments you made in the position. The more invaluable you appear, the greater your chances of being offered permanent work. Point out how you came in early and stayed late when needed. Mention the additional work you requested when you finished your tasks for the day. Emphasize the work you completed that nobody else wanted to. Quantify what you achieved for your employer to provide a basis for bringing you aboard full-time. Mention other job skills your manager may find useful.

Remain Professional

Keep in mind that you don’t know what the results of your meeting will be. Even if your manager would like to have you join the team permanently, they might not have this option. Perhaps you were needed for a limited time, or there’s no room in the budget for a full-time employee. No matter the results, maintain your professionalism. Even if you aren’t offered employment, your manager could recommend you to another team within the organization or someone in their network. Or, they could reach out to you if the position opens up down the road.

Ask Colleagues for Assistance

Talk with colleagues about putting in a good word for you. They can point out the reasons why they enjoy working with you and the specific contributions you made to the team. Your colleagues may mention how you blend with company culture and desire to help out however possible.

Find Your Next Contract Role

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