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Helping Your Workers Set (and Achieve) Their Career Goals

As a manager, helping employees set and reach goals is a key responsibility. Creating measurable, attainable goals guides improvement in employee performance, strengthens the company, and enhances its reputation as an employer of choice. Focusing on the organization’s short- and long-term success deepens employee engagement and career success.

Here are some ways to help your team members set and attain job-related goals.

Align Employee Goals with Company Objectives

Tie each employee’s goals with your organization’s growth strategy. When team members understand how their roles and responsibilities contribute to company growth, they tend to be more focused and motivated to attain results. Consistently sharing business goals and emphasizing company mission keeps teammates engaged in their work. Increasing accountability positively impacts employees and the business.

Involve Employees in Creating Goals

Ask employees to provide input on job-specific goals. Involving team members in individual goal creation provides a sense of ownership. They can assist you with developing action plans to attain their goals. Goals focused on productivity and efficiency, such as making fewer mistakes or increasing productivity, are impactful.

Develop SMART Goals

Ensure employee goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive (SMART). Clarify exactly what the goals are. Define how progress will be tracked and measured. Be certain objectives are attainable but require employees to stretch to reach them. The same goals may have been achieved by employees with similar experience and training, or be based on previously established benchmarks to show they’re attainable. Align each goal with other goals that are important to the employee. Include a target date for reaching the objectives.

Reward Goal Achievements

Recognize and reward employees who reach or exceed their goals. Providing a public acknowledgment at a team meeting and certificate, bonus, or other award shows you value their commitment and contributions. This provides incentive for other teammates to attain goals and earn rewards.

Devote Time to Employees Off Track

Spend additional time with employees getting off track from reaching their goals. Assess their progress and provide assistance when needed. If a deadline comes and a goal isn’t met, have a detailed talk about what went wrong. Provide encouragement to address or rework the agreed-on objectives.

Hire Goal-Oriented Finance, Accounting, or Admin Professionals

Hire goal-oriented finance, accounting, or admin professionals with help from Proficient Staffing. We are committed to finding the most qualified candidates for your positions. Get started with us today.


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