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Filling Management and Entry-Level Positions with Detroit Headhunters

A lot of people are resistant to working with headhunters because they feel that the headhunter won’t understand exactly what they are looking for in a candidate. They think that the headhunter may not understand their company culture or the specific qualifications that they are looking for.

Overall, it’s a question of trust. How much do you trust the headhunter to understand you, your leadership style and the type of company you want to create? If you don’t trust them, you might find it difficult to work with them. But if you can set your concerns aside, for the time being, you’ll find that it will greatly benefit your company.

Often, it can sometimes be hard to find the right candidate for a certain position, and you may find that there’s a lot of turnover in your company. Here are five signs that you need to work with a headhunter:

You Can’t Fill Management Positions

Certain high-level positions require a lot of expertise. You may want someone with very good educational qualifications to fill such a position. Or you might be looking for someone who has 10+ years of experience. But it seems like all the people you are interviewing just don’t hit the mark. They don’t seem to have the type of leadership potential you are looking for.

Remember that you only have access to people who are actively looking for jobs. What if there is someone out there who is already employed but looking for something better? A headhunter will know of people like this. They also often look through social media to find someone who is not looking but might be interested in a better-paying position with a better company.

You Can’t Fill Entry-Level Positions

There are times when you may find that you have too much turnover in your entry-level positions. You seem to be going through receptionists and personal assistants very quickly. You may find yourself in a position where you need a new one every six months.

This is largely because a lot of people who have just graduated apply for these positions. Since they haven’t worked full-time before, they may not know how challenging it is to keep answering phones or assist in running an office. These can be demanding jobs that involve being alert all the time.

However, there are people who have taken on these positions as a career path. There are people who have been receptionists or have been in administration for 10+ years. So they have a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. You can find someone like this via a headhunter. You might need to pay them more than someone who just graduated, but at least you won’t have to look for someone new every few months.

You Need Fresh Ideas and Fresh Blood!

Sometimes, a company just needs to have some fresh blood. It’s possible that your marketing department has been coming up with the same (or similar) marketing ideas for the last five years. Maybe your brand needs to be updated. Maybe you need a new company image. Or maybe you just need someone who will shake things up a little with their management style and increase productivity while keeping employees happy.

There are a number of movers and shakers out there with great ideas. But if you’re having trouble finding someone like this, then it’s time to speak to your headhunter who will be able to bring you a number of candidates until you find one who will be a good fit for your company.

If you find that you’re having various HR-related problems in your company, it might be time to call in a headhunter. Whether motivation levels are falling or there is too much turnover, there’s always something you can do to turn things around until you’re back on an upswing. Contact us for more information.


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