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Are You Hiring Reliable Candidates for Accounting Jobs?

When it comes to hiring accounting employees, there’s no room for error. The cost of a bad hire can be hours of time and thousands of dollars. In order to maximize your resources, you need a solid foundation on which to base your hiring practices. This increases your odds of making the best possible hire for a greater return on investment.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you hire reliable candidates for your accounting positions.

Screen Candidates

Be sure to screen accounting candidates to determine whether they’re qualified for an open position. Start by running their resumes through an applicant tracking system (ATS) to determine which candidates meet the minimum qualifications in the job posting. When you have the desired number of qualified candidates, conduct phone interviews to further narrow down your candidate list. Spend approximately 20-30 minutes learning about each person’s communication skills, sense of humor, listening ability, attitude, and professionalism. Determine their motivation to apply for the role and whether their expectations are realistic. Find out why candidates want a new position, what their strongest skills and greatest challenges are, and whether the salary range is acceptable. Let each person know whether they advance to the next round of interviews.

Interview Candidates

Since in-person interviews may not be possible due to the coronavirus, set up a time for video interviews with the advancing candidates. You may decide to conduct each interview yourself or with a structured panel. Allowing a group who will have significant interactions with the new hire to meet and interact with candidates at the same time increases the odds of choosing the best possible employee. Base the interview questions on the candidate’s ability to use technology, pay attention to detail, meet deadlines, work individually and collaboratively, understand the business, and commit to ethical practices. Be sure to observe each candidate’s body language and how they answer questions.

Conduct Background Checks

When you’ve narrowed down your candidate list to a select few, perform a background check on each. This may include verifying each candidate’s education, prior employment, and criminal background information. Your goal is to see how honest candidates are about their credentials and experience. Keep in mind that the nature and gravity of any offense, the time that has passed since the conviction or completion of the sentence, and the nature of the job being sought do not automatically bar a candidate convicted of a criminal offense from being hired.

Make a Job Offer

After deciding which candidate is best qualified, extend a job offer. Include a competitive salary, benefits, perks, and other items the candidate mentioned were important to them during the interview process. Negotiate until both sides are in agreement, then put the final offer in writing for the new hire to sign.

Hire Top Accounting Professionals

When you’re looking to hire top accounting professionals, get in touch with Proficient Staffing. Our experienced recruiters are committed to finding the most qualified accountants for your long-term success.


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