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60% of Candidates Quit Your Application Because It Took Too Long

The Candidate Experience.

Applicants quit their applications with popular online job boards before they finished at a high rate of 60%; possibly losing the cream-of-the-crop before they even made contact with a hiring manager.

A Job Candidate’s Experience Matters.

Job hunters are smart, well connected, and informed. A clunky application process is tolerated by some, but usually not by the most qualified candidates. And, if the process is poor on the outside, candidates can only assume it’s that way on the inside. The perception of your company/brand and what it may look like internally starts with the application and perception of your brand.

Statistics That Give Perspective

  • 60% of hiring professionals say that they regularly lose candidates before they’re able to schedule an interview

  • 70% of the global workforce is composed of passive talent

  • 81% of companies that pursue talent mobilization, experience revenue growth or surpass growth targets

  • 52% of job hunters say a lack of a response from employers is their biggest frustration

You Need to Hire the Perfect Candidate and Do It Quickly.

If you’re like many other professionals, you’ve probably noticed a peculiar new development in the job-hunting world: a tremendous s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n in the progress of finding a great applicant and offering him/her a job. What’s going on here? Small to medium size companies are simply not set up to manage the application process efficiently and assess the skills of a candidate quickly enough. The good news is once a candidate is identified and an offer is ready to be made, small to medium size companies can make faster hiring decisions and can get ahead of their larger competitors who are not as agile. How do you get candidates in front of hiring managers quickly?

Skip the Application and Screening Process

A highly qualified recruiting firm that focuses on your industry, most likely, already has the perfect candidate for your company. They have already conducted comprehensive screenings and interviews and know their candidates well; they have the experience to know who is the exact technical and cultural fit.

A successful recruiting firm will base its recruiting process on relationships and will ask all the right questions; not just ask about a candidate’s skill. Understanding a candidate’s lifestyle and what motivates them is critical to the hiring process. Using a reputable recruiting firm allows your company to be selective, not desperate. Work with a firm that understands your industry, company, and culture; they stand as your partner in the recruiting process.


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