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6 Ways to Mentally Prep for a Presentation

As a leader in your company, part of your job is preparing presentations for a variety of audiences. To perform your best, you must speak with confidence, clarity, and credibility on any subject you’re asked to discuss. No matter how often you engage in public speaking, you may get nervous before giving a presentation. You could experience an increased heart rate, sweating, shaking, or dry mouth. Fortunately, once you learn to manage your nervousness, you can more effectively communicate and connect with your audience.

Here are six tips for calming your nerves before a presentation.


Allow adequate time to prepare your presentation. Thoroughly research your subject and create your content. Continue working on what you want to say until it’s exactly how you want it. You’ll feel much more confident delivering your presentation when you shape it in advance.


Take time to practice your presentation until it feels natural. Memorize your opening so you have a strong start and make a confident first impression. Smile as you speak. Your audience will see you’re happy and enthusiastic about your message. Regulate your breathing. Focusing on your breath promotes feeling calm. Focus on your delivery, posture, voice projection, and use of materials. Rehearse by yourself until you feel comfortable. Then, ask others to listen to your talk and provide feedback.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Talk to yourself in a positive manner. Use affirmations to strengthen your belief in your abilities. Tell yourself you’re a dynamic speaker. You’re enthusiastic and engaging. You’re prepared and confident. The way you see yourself will affect your presentation.

Know Your Venue

Be familiar with where you’re giving your presentation. Whether it’s a conference room, auditorium, or elsewhere, take time to stand in front and look out where the audience will be. Test the audio/visual equipment to be sure it’s working. Know the schedule of events so you’re prepared when it’s time to share what you’ve been practicing.

Talk with Your Audience

Talk to some of the people listening to you to see what their needs are. Understand what they want to gain from hearing your presentation. You’ll have insider information and friendly faces to focus on while you talk. This creates a bond with your audience, sets the stage for more personable speaking, and helps you relax.

Visualize Success

See yourself successfully completing your presentation. Mentally walk through your discussion. Picture yourself speaking with confidence and poise. See your audience responding positively. Keep in mind that your audience believes you’re the expert, they want you to succeed, and they won’t know if you make a mistake. Plus, you don’t look as nervous as you might feel.

Get Ready for Your Next Job Interview

When the time is right, use the presentation skills you acquired to prepare for your next job interview with Proficient Staffing. We know many hiring managers and have inside tracks with potential employers due to our many years of recruiting for financial, accounting, and administrative positions.


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