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4 Tips for Running an Effective Interview

After advertising an open position and reviewing resumes, you’ve narrowed down your candidate pool to those you want to interview. Your next step is to determine which types of information you need to know about each candidate to hire the most qualified person. You also want to include relevant information about the organization, culture, and position so candidates can decide whether to move forward in the recruitment process. Because this process requires a significant investment of time and money, you need to advance in a way that provides the best possible outcomes.

Implement these four tips to lead an effective interview.

Prepare in Advance

Get ready for the interview well beforehand. Determine who else will be involved in the interview, the order in which they’ll speak, and which assessments will be used. Separate what you need and want from a candidate. Rank your criteria from most to least important. Clarify questions to ask to cover hard and soft skills for the role. Ask the same questions of all candidates to easily compare answers. Include time to discuss the organization, culture, and role so each candidate can determine whether they’d fit in. Share company ethics and compliance standards. Watch how each candidate reacts to determine if they’re a good fit.

Understand Candidate Qualifications

Clarify what qualifies each candidate for the role. This includes key experiences, education, professional certifications, competencies, capabilities, and traits specific to company culture. Ask candidates the same set of questions to compare answers. Base your questions on attributes in your top performers. Include what they have in common, how they’re resourceful, what they accomplished before coming to work for you, and which roles they held. Continue to ask thought-provoking questions based on the answers you receive to further develop a picture of the candidate’s background.

Listen More Than You Talk

Make it a point to ask questions and listen to the answers more than adding your own thoughts. Although you’re proud of where you’re at in the company and how you got there, your goal for the interview is to hear the candidate’s story. Evaluate how their behaviors and decisions impacted an organization. Watch their communication style, discussion of business results, and parts they played in team successes. Focus on finding motivated candidates willing to develop new skills and move beyond their comfort zone.

Assess for Potential

Determine each candidate’s competency and potential. Look for curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination. Assume the candidate will be promoted and become a manager at some point. Find out how the candidate learns and where they think the industry is heading. You want someone focused on the future of your organization. Determine whether they can handle situations related to the position. Discuss an issue your team is facing and have each candidate walk you through a solution.

Interview Top-Notch Talent

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