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3 Tips for Recruiting Candidates for Finance and Accounting Positions

When you’re recruiting someone for a certain position, the idea is to try and make that position look as attractive to them as possible. Different companies do this in different ways. Some might offer the candidate more money and better benefits. Others might have a great company culture. Still, others might offer the candidate flexible timings. So different companies have different selling points which might appeal to different candidates.

However, company culture is one of those things which has become more important to candidates over the years. When you offer candidates a pleasant work environment, they know that they’re actually going to enjoy the job. And this will make them want to work for you. Here we’ll talk about a few things to consider when you’re recruiting people for finance and accounting positions.

3 Tips for Recruiting Candidates for Finance and Accounting Positions


One of the things that candidates consider when taking on a job is longevity. What is the turnover like at your company? Do a lot of people join and leave after six months? Or do they tend to stay and get promoted from within the company?

Most people don’t like to have to keep moving from one job to another. It’s a lot of work and it makes them feel unstable, even if they’re moving on to bigger and better things. So it’s important to reassure the candidate that there will be chances of getting promotions once they join your company and that you’d be happy to keep them on for as long as they wish to stay with you.


It’s a good idea to take your candidate around your offices to let them see where they will be working. And it’s also a good idea to make sure that your offices are done up in such a way that people like working there. Rather than cramming a lot of people into very little space, it’s a good idea to give people a little more space.

It may not be possible to give everyone a separate office, but if you’re specifically trying to recruit someone, then offering them a good office can be quite a draw. It’s not just the fact that having a nice office is impressive when clients and business associates come to meet them. It’s also the fact that having their own space will help them to focus on what they need to do.


There are offices which have a very hurried, hassled, stressed-out type of ambiance and there are places which are more relaxed and laid back. Sure, there might be people who thrive on the first type of place, but this can only go on for a certain amount of time. After a few years, a very fast-paced office can burn you out.

So most people do prefer the idea of working in a place where they don’t have to rush all the time. They want to take their time and finish whatever they’re doing before turning to someone else. They don’t want someone hovering over them all the time, telling them to hurry up.

You can consciously create this kind of work culture by giving people only as much work as it is humanly possible for them to finish. Focus on the quality of the work done rather than the quantity. This will keep your workers happy and help you to recruit more people for finance and accounting as well.

Remember that these are fields where it’s very important to be detail-oriented. One small mistake can lead to a domino effect. So let your new recruits know that you want them to take their time and do the job well. This will encourage them to join your company.

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