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3 Reasons You Should Ask About Office Culture at Your Next Interview

3 Reasons You Should Ask About Office Culture at Your Next Interview

Office culture reveals a lot about how a company is run. Factors such as employee interactions, typical work hours, and whether the management team values all staff members’ opinions are among what makes up culture. Learning more about how things are done within an organization provides insight into what it’s like to work there. Gaining more in-depth information about a company when deciding whether you want to work there is important for long-term success. During the interview is the best time to find out all you can about what the environment is like and whether it will help meet your professional goals.

Here are three reasons to find out about office culture during your next job interview.

Ensure You Are Compatible with the Organization Understanding office culture lets you determine whether you’ll fit in with employees’ ways of doing things. If you’re used to a significant amount of structure and the company has a flat structure, you probably will struggle trying to do your work. If you’re in the habit of wearing a suit to work, it may be difficult if coworkers wear jeans. Ask your interviewer questions such as, “Which five words would you use to describe your office culture?” “How often do you hold company-wide meetings?” Or, “What are some things that make you proud to work here?” Use the answers to evaluate your fit.

Make Sure You Will Enjoy Your Work Fitting in with office culture makes your role more fulfilling. Since you probably spend more time at work than at home, enjoying what you do provides you with sustainable, long-term employment. Being challenged by your tasks, learning new skills, and talking with coworkers on breaks keeps you happy and satisfied with your position. Ask your interviewer questions like, “What do employees like best about working here?” “How is the work-life balance here?” Or, “Which types of philanthropy does the company engage in?” Use the answers to determine your potential happiness as an employee.

Increase Your Odds of Success Blending with office culture means you’re more likely to succeed in the organization. The more you align with the company mission, vision, and values, the more strongly you feel engaged and committed to your work. The better you develop relationships with coworkers, the more collaborative and productive you are. Performing your best increases your accomplishments, recognition, and rewards, making you an even more valuable team member. This typically leads to increased responsibilities, salary increases, promotions, and more. Ask your interviewer, “What are some opportunities offered for advanced training and education?” “Which types of employee achievements does the company recognize?” Or, “What is the organization’s approach to career development?” Use the answers to consider whether how successful you could be within the organization.

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