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10 Reasons to Work with Proficient Staffing

Whether you’re looking to hire someone for a temporary position or a permanent one, it can help you to work with Proficient Staffing recruiters . Not only will you benefit from their expertise and find the right person for the job, but your own work also gets simplified, leaving you to focus on other things which might be more important.

You can never downplay the importance of the right person for the right job in your organization. It’s the people eventually who make a company; their dedication and hard work is what will lead into growth in your organization. So here are 10 great reasons to work with Proficient Staffing recruiters:

1. You Benefit from Their Experience

Recruiters have a lot of experience finding people for different jobs. They know all the things you need to take into consideration, from education and work experience to personality, company culture, and integrity.

2. You Save Yourself Time

An entrepreneur or a CEO has many things to do, from developing new products to setting up marketing campaigns. In view of this, it can help you to delegate at least one of your many tasks to the experts.

3. They Think of Things You May Not Think About

There are a number of different elements you need to consider when hiring someone, not just education and work experience. You also need to consider that person’s personality and whether they will be a good fit in your company culture or whether it might be better to hire someone on a temporary basis first while you’re developing the position. You may not always consider these things but a recruiter will.

4. They Consider Longevity

Recruiters are used to dealing with people. So they can tell who is more likely to stay with you long term and who will leave within a few months.

5. They Negotiate Salary

As an entrepreneur, you probably already know how to negotiate. But working with a recruiter will save you the time and effort. Plus, they’ll know what constitutes a competitive salary in today’s market and what doesn’t.

6. They Give You New Ideas

Sometimes, a recruiter might suggest you break one position into two (if you are having trouble finding someone for that position). Or if salary is an issue, they may suggest you get someone part-time. A recruiter will have many ideas when it comes to hiring.

7. They Already Have a Pool of Applicants

If you want to hire someone, you might have to start from scratch by placing ads or posting job descriptions online. But a recruiter will already have a pool of applicants, one of whom might be perfect for the job.

8. They Consider Your Needs/Personality/Company Culture

There are many things which determine whether a person will be successful, not just their cognitive skills or work experience. Will they get along with you and others in your organization? Do they have good communication skills? Will they fit in with your company culture? These are all things that a recruiter will consider before placing someone.

9. They Do Background Checks

This is yet another part of the process that would fall to you if you hired someone on your own. You would have to call that person’s references, do a credit check etc. Working with a recruiter saves you the trouble.

10. They Take Responsibility

If someone is not a good fit at your company, you’ll probably know this within a few weeks. Then you can go back to the recruiter and let them know. It will be up to them to find you a replacement or work things out in some way that works for you.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with a Proficient Staffing recruiter.

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