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Temp Services: The Benefits of Partnering With a Temporary Staffing Agency

As a hiring manager or small business owner, it is likely that you have considered bringing on temporary employees at some point but have been unsure whether temp services are right for your company. For many companies, temp services play a critical role in their hiring process by helping to take over much of the recruitment and on-boarding process, which can relieve a great burden from hiring staff.

If you have not previously worked with a temp service before, here are just a few of the benefits your company could stand to gain by choosing to partner with a temporary staffing firm.

No Commitment

Even when you put hours into searching for the right candidate for an open position, you may find that you offer someone a position only to realize that they are not the right fit. Partnering with a temp agency removes much of the guesswork from hiring by allowing you to try out employees before making a commitment.

If at the end of a temp’s term you like their work, then you can offer them a full-time position. If not, you are free to let the employee go, and you even have the option to let the temp agency know that the employee is not working out at any time during their term and the agency will let them go for you without any hassle.

Adjust to Workload Fluctuations

Working with a temp agency can be particularly helpful if you work in an industry that is prone to seasonal fluctuations. If there are certain times of the year where you need to bring on short-term employees, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the feeling that recruitment is constantly taking away from other things you should be working on. However, a temp agency can be there for you through all of your workload fluctuations and can quickly provide you with qualified temporary employees, removing this burden from your shoulders and ensuring that you are able to keep up with seasonal demand.

Save Money

What many businesses do not realize is the extent to which working with a temporary staffing agency can help to save their company money. The fact is that the hiring process can be costly as you have to place advertisements, perform background checks and drug tests, and you have to take someone away from other jobs to perform these recruitment tasks. However, when you work with a temp agency, all of these costs become the responsibility of the temp agency. Additionally, as long as an employee is considered temporary you will not have to provide them with the same benefits and compensation as someone who is full-time, which can help you to save significantly on labor costs for seasonal hires.

Save Time

If you have never worked with a staffing or recruitment agency before, then you may not realize how much time you are spending on recruitment and on-boarding that could be invested elsewhere. The fact is that advertising open positions, sorting through applications, and performing interviews can be extremely time-consuming, and it may take you much longer than you had hoped to fill vacancies. However, temp agencies have experience finding qualified employees in a timely manner, and they often have a database of applicants they can quickly choose from to fill your position. This means that not only will you be able to refocus your efforts elsewhere by partnering with a temp agency, but by doing so you will also likely be able to fill vacancies much quicker than you used to, improving the efficiency of your hiring process.

Even if you are looking for permanent employees, many companies find it beneficial to partner with a temp agency to improve the efficiency of their hiring process and to give them a chance to assess potential employees before making a commitment. Contact us to learn more about temp services and how your company could benefit by partnering with a temporary staffing agency.

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