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5 Tips to Help You Acquire Top Talent

It’s easy enough to hire someone to fill a certain job position. However, things are different if you want to attract top talent. In order to do this, you might need to offer certain incentives, monetary and non-monetary. If you want the best to work for you, then you have to offer them something that other companies won’t or can’t.

You might have to get a little creative in order to figure out what employees really want. Some companies assume that they just want more and more money. So, in order to attract the best in the field, they offer them a lot of money. But the fact is that money isn’t everything. There are other things that an employee might be looking for, such as the following:

1. Benefits

Apart from a salary, an employee might want to have good benefits, including health and dental. Plus, you can also include the employee’s IRA under the umbrella of benefits. Giving employees the option to set up an IRA which will benefit them in the future shows that you care about their overall well-being. Plus, you might also want to give employees the option of including their loved ones under their health or dental plans.

2. Flexible Timings

A lot of employees will appreciate being given flexible timings. Yes, it’s true that it might not be possible to do this for each and every position. For example, if you’re hiring someone as a receptionist, then that receptionist will need to be there during office hours because that’s when people will be calling and coming by the office. However, if an employee is working independently and their work doesn’t depend on meeting clients, then it doesn’t matter what time they come in and leave. And a lot of employees will be grateful if you give them the chance to do this because they might have other things they need to do at certain times, such as picking up the kids from school. Or they might just be the kind of people who work well in spurts. So if they have the chance to keep working when it’s going well and then take a break for a day or two, this might turn out best for them.

3. Working from Home

Just as some employees might like to have flexible timings, some of them might prefer to work from home at times, especially if their commute is a long one. Some people just naturally work better and are more creative when they are alone. So they might appreciate being given the chance to work in solitude, where they can arrange their days as they please.

4. Creative Time

This is something that many companies have started doing lately, where they insist that all employees spend about 20% of their time working on something new, different or creative. During this time, they don’t have to keep working on the current project and producing results. They’re free to explore. And a lot of great innovation comes from this creative time because the employee is not under any pressure. They’re just working on something that interests them.

5. Work Environment

There are many ways in which you can give your employees a good work environment. You can literally give them a good work environment by doing up your offices in such a way that they are comfortable, bright and aesthetically appealing. You can also encourage employees to socialize and get to know each other so that there’s a feeling of camaraderie within the offices. Rather than competing with each other and trying to show each other up, you can encourage employees to cooperate and help each other to achieve something truly great.

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