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How to Acquire Top Quality Talent

Employees are your greatest asset. Excellent employees can take your company to the next level. They are worth the investment. Now, the challenge is finding that perfect fit for the role you want to fill. One would think that shouldn’t be too difficult. Human resources receive hundreds of applications for every open position. But, finding the right fit is the tough part. On the one hand, you need to fill this role so your business can run at maximum productivity. But, you don’t want to rush into things because a bad hire can be costly. You will also be investing your time and money into this person. You need a positive return on your investment. How does one acquire top talent?

Data Driven Decisions:

Your goal is to get the attention of your ideal hire. Using data metrics will help you see which methods have worked in the past. The metrics can show you what a good hire looks like and how they have been found previously. The data will tell you if a prospect will likely be a good hire or not. Using the metrics is a way to save both time and money. You are more likely to hire the right person the first time by using the data.

A/B testing:

Sometimes the smallest changes can have a huge impact. You won’t know what changes will be most effective until you try them out. A/B testing has proven to work. Simple things like changing an email subject line or the number of questions in an application can have a huge impact.

Human Resources isn’t the only department to help with hiring:

The human resource department or a staffing agency should not be the only team involved in the recruitment process. Gather the input and skills of other departments too. An interview with a current employee in another department makes the company feel more relatable. Why do current employees like working at your business? What attracted them to the company? These are things that prospects will be asking themselves. It will help them to have the honest perspective of someone they can relate too. Someone who has nothing to gain or lose from a specific prospect taking the position.

Work smart with automation:

Technological advances help companies work smarter when it comes to hiring. Many companies have already implemented Artificial Intelligence into their hiring process. Automation cuts the man-hours needed to screen out candidates. This way employees can work more efficiently. It weeds out the applicants that don’t meet the standards for the role. This provides you with the time to focus on a select few candidates. You can be strategic about how each prospect would fit into your company culture and thrive in their role.

Flexibility is key:

Corporations not stagnant by a long shot. This can be positive like implementing new technology that will help your staff work more effectively. You want your team to learn and use the new technology. Sometimes, change is necessary due to scandal or to avoid future illegal activity. You need staff that can quickly adjust to policy and procedure changes. Employers are looking for candidates who are empowered by problem-solving. They need to be confident working in an environment that is not stagnant. These are soft skills that the candidate already has.

The marketing team is human resources greatest ally:

The marketing team has the skills to brand and market your business. If they can help earn more customers for your business, they can help acquire talent too. You want all your job advertisements to reach the right people. The marketing department can help you with keywords so your job advertisements are getting in front of the right people. The job openings should appeal to the right people too. You want your ideal hire to be enticed enough to apply for the job. The marketing department can help you achieve these goals.

Staffing and hiring can feel elusive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A great strategy will help you attract and hire the right people for your business. It will allow you to earn a positive return on your hiring investment. Looking to add more staff to your team? Let the experts at Proficient Staffing help. Our team will help take the guesswork out of the hiring process and get the right people for your company. Contact Us today.

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