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5 Benefits of Connecting With a Staffing Firm in Detroit

Finding a job in Michigan is challenging and being out of work adds even more stress. Whether you are searching the internet, asking friends about opportunities, or driving back and forth to interviews, the whole process can leave you exhausted. It’s even more difficult when you don’t land a position right away either. However, with the help of Proficient Staffing, you will find the entire process simpler. Here are five reasons to use a staffing agency in Detroit to look for your next job.


A staffing agency has connections with a wide range of employers with diverse backgrounds. The industries may range from the industrial sector to real estate to health care. In fact, most staffing agencies will have connections with companies from all industries. What does this do for you? It widens your horizons. You will have many more opportunities to find a job within an industry you love than you would have had if you were seeking a job on your own.


If you have ever sought a job on your own before, chances are it took some work and time. No one likes waiting to hear that they got the job. Fortunately, with a staffing agency, you will usually find a new position much sooner. Since the agency has the inside connections with the companies, they know about job openings as soon as they become available. That means you can get started in your new job sooner. That’s a big relief for you.


Have you ever had a job that just didn’t suit you in some way or another? Maybe your skills didn’t quite match up as you thought they would. Or maybe you were perfectly skilled for the job but you discovered that you didn’t fit with the company culture. That can make things just as difficult on the job. However, when you work with an agency, they take great care to ensure a great fit. They make sure the company culture aligns with your values.


Many staffing agencies work with companies that provide training as a part of their recruitment process for new hires. The training usually occurs at the beginning of the employment and is paid, as well. This will give you new skills that will be valuable to you for the job as well as in the future. When you consider the cost of training, working with an agency could save you money too.


Not everyone has their career planned out or knows just what type of job they want in life. Sometimes people think they want to do one type of job but find out later it wasn’t the best job for them. A staffing agency opens up the doors to all types of jobs you may not have considered. There may be job positions available that your skills will match perfectly with. In addition, a staffing agency is positioned to offer you some jobs that are not offered to the general public.

Job-hunting need not be a laborious, difficult process. With the aid of a staffing agency, you gain access to the best jobs. In addition, you will have the inside track on jobs that may not be circulating in the public forum. This gives you the edge in your job search. Discover the job you desire and gain skills at the same time when you work with a staffing agency. Contact Proficient Staffing to begin the journey to your dream job today.

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