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5 Unique Job Seeking Opportunities With Proficient Staffing

Contrary to popular belief, the job market is not actually one unified industry of seeking and finding jobs and new hires. The job boards are not your only route into employment, though they’d like you to think that, and you don’t even have to start your career in the ‘normal’ way by applying, interviewing, taking a permanent position, and then discovering whether or not you like the job.

For many job seekers, this is great news because your working situation does not fit comfortably into the ‘standard’ mold of what a ‘good employee’ is. If you don’t have several years of experience on your resume, if you can’t commit to more than a few months of work, or even if you have no idea what you want to do with your career, a job board and the traditional hiring process can be frustrating to nearly impossible to work with. Fortunately, staffing agencies are there to bridge the gap. Working with a staffing agency like Proficient Staffing can help you overcome almost any job seeking challenge because it is run by compassionate people with great connections who are ready to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Still wondering how we can help? Here are just a few ways that a staffing agency can open doors for job seekers of every flavor.

5 Unique Job Seeking Opportunities

1) A Quick Introduction or Reintroduction to the Workforce

Unlike job boards and freelance recruiters, a staffing franchise looks at more than your resume. This means that if you’re an eager, skilled member of the workforce but something about your resume is causing problems in your job search, we can help. For young professionals who need to get those first few years of experience, we can connect you with entry-level positions that suit the career you want to build, not just some gig for teenagers in retail or fast food.

For those who took a hiatus for children, medical issues, or just a long vacation, that gap in your resume could be a real problem. Especially if you want to start back up slow and gentle. Our staffing agency can get you back into the field with no judgment about the time lapse on your resume to kick-start your reentry into the workforce.

2) An Exploratory of Job Types to Choose From

Not sure what you want to do with your career next? Many young people and even experienced professionals looking for something new don’t quite know where to go as they enter the job market. Having a hazy direction can make using job boards nearly impossible, where keywords and position titles are everything. But in a staffing agency, you have the opportunity to talk to real humans about what you’re looking for and they can set you up with not just one, but several great jobs to try out on a temporary basis. You can try a variety of clerical work if you like an office environment, manufacturing if you’re more of an engineer, or technical if you’re good with devices and networks.

3) Quickly Build Work Experience in Multiple Fields

Even better than simply exploring is your opportunity to build experience by trying and getting good at a number of positions that all apply to your skill set. Building a diverse resume is a great way to spice up the middle of your career but this is especially useful for young job seekers looking to beef up a very new resume. Trying a few temporary or seasonal demand positions is a great way to round out your on-the-job skills and improve your business etiquette in a number of environments.

4) Temp-to-Hire Opportunities to Test the Waters

Some people are very particular about where they work, not just what they are doing. This can come from strong personal preferences or simply a desire not to get burned again after a job that went bad. If you’re worried that a company culture or team won’t be welcoming to you, a hiring agency is a perfect solution. They can connect you with temp-to-hire positions where both you and the employer get a chance to try each other out with no hard feelings if you or they choose to try something else after the trial period. This is so much easier than taking a permanent position only to learn later whether you really like the job or not.

5) Temporary Work When Your Situation Will Be Changing Soon

Finally, hiring agencies have the connection on great temporary positions in non-teen jobs for professionals who want to work but can only commit for a short period of time. Many professionals with spouses who are forced to move for work are in need of temporary positions that are worthy of their skills and expertise. Whether you are following a military spouse, temporarily caring for a sick relative, or are even on a long working vacation, a staffing agency can help you find temporary work with businesses who need your expertise and professionalism with no pressure to stay beyond the end of their busy season.

For more information or to seek the expert advice of a staffing agency, contact us today!

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