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Getting the Best From Your Staffing Firm in Detroit

When working with your staffing firm in Detroit, you want the best experience possible. Your employees are what make your business hum along. Therefore, it only follows that your staffing agency plays a critical part. From finding a temporary fill in when someone is out for a month due to an unexpected injury or bringing you your next full-time employee, your staffing team is there in a pinch. However, developing and maintaining a relationship with your agency is crucial. Here are four tips to get the best from your staffing firm in Detroit.

Ensure Clear Two-Way Communication

Communication is important in any business relationship, and it’s relevant to a staffing agency as well. You want to be sure the agency has easy access to your business so they can contact you as needed. In addition, you want to be sure that the agency is accessible too. If there aren’t clear channels whereby the two entities can communicate, then a breakdown can occur.

Clarify Your Job Needs

You know what type of employee you need or what type of job that needs to be fulfilled. However, unless it’s spelled out clearly, you may end up with a mismatch. When hiring for a new position, some business managers may pull a job description from the file and send it over. But this may not adequately define what type of person you need. Take into consideration what your company culture is as well as what type of tasks the person may have to do. Soft skills are another area that is more important for some jobs than others. All of these factors need to be clarified when working with an agency. In time, they will get to know your company culture, mission, and values. This helps with finding the best fit for the position.

Find the Best Agency

No matter how hard you try or how well you do your part, if you don’t work with the right agency for you, then it won’t work out. How do you know if you have found the right staffing firm? You will be inspired to:

  • Have confidence in them.

  • Feel secure in their judgment.

  • Relax in their presence.

  • Contact them any time a need presents itself.

  • Feel comfortable discussing any staffing problems you have.

Finding the best agency also means the company stands behind their word and work. Guarantees inspire trust and a company. So, you will want an agency that offers a window of time whereby you can swap out a person if the person doesn’t work out.

Understand the Services

If you know all the services your agency offers, it will save you and them time when you need services. Most agencies offer a variety of services. Here is a list of what type of services to expect from a top agency in Detroit:

  • Temporary placement: A person is provided to fill in for a brief period of time, usually between 1-4 weeks.

  • Permanent position: A regular full-time employee will fill this vacancy.

  • Long-term projects or fill-ins: You may have annual projects or busy seasons that require additional people. This type of person would come during those times.

  • Contract temp to permanent hire: Often times a manager wants to see how a person will fit it before hiring them for a permanent position. This service is set up for those types of needs.

Becoming partners with your staffing firm in Detroit will ensure you have a positive working experience and that your staffing needs are fulfilled. Enhance your relationship with your staffing agency and get their best work. Your first step is finding the best agency with whom to work. Ready to connect with your new staffing partner? Contact Us today!

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