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Is High Turnover a Problem for Your Business? Consider Using Proficient Staffing

Turnover is an unavoidable part of running a business. However, business owners everywhere always look to minimize the negative effects that result from having a high turnover rate. When you invest so much time and money in training a new-hire, the last thing that you want is having to do it all over again so soon–and for good reason. Turnover can be costly. According to an article posted by SHRM, the cost to replace one employee can be up to $240,000. Of course, this depends on the type of business and position. Regardless, it is still a cost that should be minimized.

The best way to avoid high turnover is to hire the right people from the beginning. Although this is a very simple idea, the process of finding the right candidate is not always easy. That’s why many businesses today are choosing to employ the help of staffing agencies in order to find the best candidates. Here are some of the reasons why staffing agencies are being used in place of traditional staffing companies.

The Focus is on Quality, not Numbers

Proficient Staffing agency is a small and independently-owned companies. Unlike some staffing giants that depend on recruiters filling a certain number of jobs per month, Proficient Staffing focus on finding the perfect candidate for your business– not meeting corporate-mandated quotas. By having more time to focus on the individual needs of your business, Proficient Staffing can create a tailored approach to solving your staffing problems.

Individualized Approach

With Proficient Staffing, you do not have to worry about just being another client who gets lost in the paperwork. We are smaller and intimate, therefore we use a more personalized approach in order to find the absolute best candidate for the job. We can provide you with not only the best applicants but can offer you valuable insight as to why your business is having problems with turnover in the first place. Proficient Staffing can work with you on a one-to-one basis to minimize turnover issues in the future.

Expertise in One Niche

While larger staffing agencies work to recruit for a broad array of fields, Proficient Staffing specializes in one area, for example, finance. By doing so, we gain expert knowledge of what businesses are looking for in their candidates for a particular line of work. For example, being that Proficient Staffing agency specializes in finance, accounting, and administrative functions, we will know that there is an important difference between a bookkeeper that has worked in the non-for-profit sector versus one that has worked in a manufacturing environment. On the other hand, a staffing agency that recruits for a variety of fields may not know about these subtle differences. They may send candidates to businesses that are not best suited for a particular job because they don’t have in-depth knowledge of a particular industry. Proficient Staffing specializing in one area, is far better suited to finding the perfect match for your business. Finding the right candidates from the beginning is essential to eliminating turnover problems down the road.

Access to the Best Candidates

While it may seem counter-intuitive, smaller staffing agencies usually have a better pool of quality candidates. Not only are we experts in our niche, but Proficient Staffing is not bound by tedious bureaucratic processes that many larger staffing agencies have to adhere to. Proficient Staffing can focus more time and attention towards clients in finding the absolute best candidates. In addition, the temps that gravitate towards intimate smaller agencies that specialize in one area tend to be those with a higher skill-set. For example, someone who has previously worked as an accountant is more likely to work with us because we specialize in accounting to find him or her a job rather than going to a staffing agency that also recruits for welding positions.

Closing thoughts

Having a high turnover rate is never an ideal situation for a business. To avoid this, it is extremely important to vet and screen the proper candidates. In order to save time and take advantage of the experience experts have to offer, businesses often turn to Proficient Staffing . To see how Proficient Staffing agency can help your Michigan business , Atlanta business - any where, we staff for you in any state, contact us for more details.

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