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Why Proficient Staffing Might Be Your Best Option

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

—Red Adair

Recruitment is a major part of every company’s business strategy. The right people need to be in the right position in order for success to be realized. Every division of an organization should be filled with passionate, knowledgeable, and loyal employees. A weak link has the potential to bring any great business to its knees. For this reason, the process of recruitment should be left to the best. Many times, this entails relying on a quality external recruitment agency. These firms specialize in putting together perfect work forces. They know what they are doing and they are dedicated to their craft. The following provides a breakdown of why it is strategically advisable to work closely with a quality staffing agency:

1. Lighter On The Budget And Other Resources

Every company is always trying to find ways to trim their budget down, lower their costs, and decrease their expenses. While it may not seem like it, due to the apparent expense of paying another company to hire someone for them, it costs less to hire a recruitment agency than to advertise, recruit, and use internal recruiters. When the numbers behind the cost of not hiring a recruitment firm are tallied, the expense becomes much more apparent.

First, someone from the business must put time and effort into advertising for a position. They have to call around, they have to create posts on hiring websites, and they must screen all of the candidates. While very few of these tasks cost significant amounts of money, it is the time put into them that creates the largest cost. That HR employee or executive could be doing something else that is much more beneficial and that they have experience and expertise in. Instead, they are wasting days recruiting and hiring.

2. The More You Use Them, The Better They Get

The right recruitment firm is going to be great from the beginning. They will work with a business to ensure that the potential hire is the best fit. But the exciting aspect of relying on a recruitment agency for all hires is that the longer a company works with them, the better they will get. The agency will start to have a relationship with the hiring business. They will understand how to best work together, how the business operates, and what their organizational culture and goals are. Over time, the recruitment firm will be able to quickly identify the applicants that are the best fit, the ones that will mesh well with the organization, and the ones that will integrate perfectly into the workplace culture.

3. Enhanced Retention

One of the most costly aspects of recruitment and employment is retention. A company hires a new employee, but no one knows if it will be a good fit. Will they enjoy the job? Will they get along with their co-workers? Will they be able to competently complete their job? Will they decide to move cities in a few months? There are a lot of unknowns and it can be expensive to go through the recruitment process and then have to go through it again just a few months down the line. Recruitment agencies, however, have methods for identifying whether a potential employee will be a good fit for a company. They are well versed in how to look for signs that an employee is not interested in staying long or is not prepared for the tasks and requirements of the job. They can weed out the candidates that are a waste of time and put together a strong list of potential employees who will stay with the company for years to come.

To find out more about why Proficient Staffing might be a great solution for your business, please contact us.

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