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Why Sign Up With Proficient Staffing

Being unemployed is a full-time job. You have to research companies, personalize your cover letters, prepare for interviews, and write CV’s all the time. Despite your constant work, you are really winging it, too. There is a slew of things you don’t know about your field simply because you are not employed, and you don’t have the inside information that would give you an edge in your search.

Fortunately, there are companies that can help you in your search. Some of these are called staffing firms. These are companies that recruit employees for companies and charge the employer a percentage of the employee’s salary if the person they recruit gets hired. Why would you sign up with such a company?

Gets You In Touch With Companies In Your Field

Proficient Staffing meets with all the players in your field and talk to the key people in every company. It’s our purpose to know who is hiring, what the culture of each company is like, and what the real requirements of each position are.

What’s more, your field may be specialized. It’s true that most companies need a financial arm and an administrative arm, but different types of industries need different things from those arms. An administrator in a warehouse setting often has to sort merchandise, but an administrator in a publishing house will have to keep up with book trends. Proficient Staffing expertise in industry requirements is invaluable and we will tap it to serve you.

Can Find You Temporary Placements That May Turn Permanent

Temporary jobs are a good way to pad your resume, get your foot in an industry door, and gain invaluable experience, even if they don’t lead to a permanent position. Unfortunately, most companies don’t advertise their temporary positions widely. Proficient Staffing now where they are and can hook you up.

Provides Professional Help At The Right Price

If you are unemployed, you don’t have a lot of spare cash. You also need to learn all the ins and outs of hunting for a job in your field, which can require buying books and classes. Proficient Staffing only get paid from the future employer only if you get paid, and we can help you become a successful job hunter. Basically, you are getting services for free.

Can Do Some Of The Screening For You

It is in Proficient Staffing interest to find a place that fits you. That means we will filter out companies who are hiring for positions that may initially sound like something you want to do but are actually not really a good fit. We want you to fit in the culture of the company so that you can stay long-term, too.

As someone who is hunting for a job, you may be tempted to skip this type of vetting, telling yourself that any job is better than none. Don’t kid yourself: a good fit is crucial for long-term employment. Trust us, you will wind up quitting a job where the corporate culture rubs you the wrong way or the position comes with a lot of baggage that hadn’t been mentioned in the description.

Motivated To Find You Work

Sure, your friends want to help you, so they recommend jobs and promise to put in a good word for you. Sure, your family doesn’t want you taking up their couch, so they suggest jobs. It isn’t their life, though, that is being upended by unemployment. They are not as committed to the hunt as you. Proficient Staffing is as committed as you. We won’t get paid until you are sitting in an office, working and drawing a salary, so we want you in the right job, right now.

If you’re frustrated with your search for a job, Proficient Staffing is the solution. Speed up your job search and possibly find your dream job by contacting us to see what we can do for you.

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