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3 Reasons Why You Should Work with Detroit Headhunters/Recruiting Staffing Agencies

A lot of people avoid working with headhunters because they are very clear about what they want from an employee. So they prefer to interview people themselves and make their own decision.

But interviewing can turn into a long, drawn-out process. First, you have to draft and place an advertisement, in print or online. Then you have to scan all the resumes that come in and decide which ones are worth meeting in person. Then you call and set up interviews. Then you interview people and decide who you want to offer the job to. It’s a lot of work.

Some people present well at interviews but may not really be that good at their jobs. Others are the opposite. So the process gets confusing. If it’s possible to work with a headhunter, then it may benefit you to do so. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to work with Detroit headhunters:

High Turnover Within Your Company

Do you find that you keep hiring people for the same position but they don’t last? Maybe they quit after a while or maybe you have to let them go because they’re simply not doing their jobs too well. Or maybe they opt to apply for different positions within the company which pay them more. If you work with a headhunter, they can help you find the right person for the job.

It’s possible that you hired good people but maybe they were too good i.e., maybe they were overqualified for the position. No one with a Master’s degree is going to work as an office assistant for long. Instead, it’s necessary that there should be a match between the person’s qualifications and the position they’re going to occupy. A headhunter can help you to make this match.

Disorganization Within Your Company

Whereas some people are overqualified for their positions, others are under-qualified. They may present very well at an interview. They may walk in wearing a nice suit. They may be well-groomed and nice to talk to. They may even have a grasp on the industry lingo. For example, if you’re running the a digital agency, they may impress you by knowing what content marketing, SEO and social media marketing refer to.

But just because someone knows the lingo doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to do the job. Once these great presenters actually get to their desks, you may find them sloppy and disorganized.

A headhunter will know how to separate people who present well from people who can do the job well. Ideally, of course, you’ll be able to find someone who presents well and can do the job well too. But the latter is obviously more important in any situation.

Specific Skill Sets Needed in Your Company

Sometimes, you place an ad for a certain position and you just don’t get any responses. This might be because you’re looking for someone to fill a very specific position and there just aren’t that many people in your city or locality who have those qualifications.

This is where a headhunter can step in. You may only be able to place an ad in a paper or on the internet but the headhunter is going to have a lot more resources at his/her disposal. They may have contacts at universities, at other companies within that particular field or even in other cities. They can help you to find the perfect person for the job by going to one of these other resources and networking.

Contact us for more great reasons why you should start working with a headhunter.

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