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Frequently Asked Questions About Staffing Firms In Metro Detroit

Have you ever wondered why so many companies use a temporary agency when they want to hire new employees? These companies look for talented people to add to their team. If you are looked for talented candidates who will add to your business, you should definitely consider using a Metro Detroit staffing firm.

If you are not familiar with the benefit of using staffing firms, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the entire process. We want to answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive from business owners just like you.

Why Is The Staffing Industry Growing So Quick?

The American workforce is one of the reasons why the staffing industry is growing the way it is. More people want flexibility and comfort when it comes to working outside the home. Temporary work allows talented and gifted candidates to work when they are needed. Temporary work also allows these candidates to learn new skills that can help them when they are ready to settle into a career. Companies want to meet the needs of these candidates, so they have joined the flexible job market.

What Type Of Jobs Can A Staffing Firm Offer?

The type of jobs that a staffing company can offer ranges from specific trades to a professional work setting that requires candidates to have a specific degree.

Do Staffing Firms Provide Other Services?

A staffing firm can offer job candidates a variety of services that are related to their employment. A staffing firm offers services that include temporary staffing, contract work, recruiting services, permanent positions, etc.

How Long Do The Candidates Usually Work In A Temporary Setting?

This question is not an easy one to answer because it can greatly differ based on the type of job. A specific job can last for a few days, a few hours, and even a few years. However, the average amount of time that an employee will hang on to a temporary job or contractual work will be about three months or less.

Does The Staffing Firm Have Any Responsibilities For The Employees?

Every staffing firm has their own strategies when it comes to overseeing the employees. The staffing firm does manage other responsibilities including the following:

  • Pay

  • Insurance

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Any paperwork that needs to be completed by a human resource professional

Why Should I Form A Partnership With A Staffing Firm?

If you want to partner with a team of people that are experts in finding the right candidates for you, a staffing firm will have that team of people you need. A staffing firm knows how the best candidates for your needs. When you need the flexibility to address specific needs in your business, a staffing firm will send you the right candidates for the job.

Companies have tapped in the flexible workforce for many reasons. One of the main reasons why many companies are interested in staffing firms is because they are looking to keep their workplace staffed, especially during the busy times.

What other reasons motivate companies to turn to staffing firms?

  • Companies want to grow their business

  • Companies want to address the various fluctuations that will take place during the year

  • Companies open new locations and need to staff those workplaces

  • Companies want to be prepared for any vacancies that may take place during the year due to pregnancies, illnesses, etc.

It does not matter if it is a job that will last for a few months or if it is a temporary job that will turn into a permanent job, a staffing firm will allow your business to adjust to the changes in the workforce.

Are you convinced that you should give a staffing firm a closer look? Contact us today for more information.

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