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Why Hire Permanent Employees When You Can Hire Through Proficient Staffing?

Hiring employees on a full-time or part-time basis is not the only way to fill one of your open job positions, although it has certainly become the most common methods. Usually, you would advertise the open position, call potential targets for interviews, and make an offer. However, there is a different way to hire that rock star employee that you have been looking for if you choose to work with Proficient Staffing.

A staffing agency will do all the difficult work for you. Proficient Staffing will find employees, take them through the screening process, and decide if the employee will be a good fit for the open position. If the employee needs to be fired, the staffing agency will handle that dirty work for you. Staffing agencies will provide your company with workers who are professional, talented, and ready to do the job.

It is certainly a good thing to have someone else do the hiring for you, but there are other reasons why many employers prefer to use a staffing agency.

Why should you use a staffing agency to hire professional and talented people to work for your company?

  • You will be able to fill your company’s temporary needs

  • The staffing agency will do the hiring

  • A staffing agency allows you to do a test run with the employees

  • You will reduce costs

  • You will be able to effectively manage your workload

  • You can increase flexibility and improve productivity

Before Making A Commitment

You want to avoid hiring the wrong person for any type of position. When you need to hire someone for an important position, you have to be sure that the new employee will be the perfect match to the rest of your staff. Many potential employees will say all the right things because they just want to be hired. You want to hire someone who says the rights things and is able to deliver on those words. Hiring any new employee can be risky, but you can take some of the risks out of hiring when you go through a staffing agency.

Lower The Costs

When you hire full-time employees, you will have to spend a significant amount of money making sure they have certain types of benefits. When you hire temporary employees, they will be employed by the staffing agency. The temporary employees will not receive any benefits from your company.

Temporary employees who have been employed by the staffing agency will not be able to file for unemployment when they are let go by your company. You will not have to spend an excessive amount of money on finding employees and hiring them. This will mean you will be able to save money for your human resourced department.

What Can A Staffing Agency Do For Future Employees?

There will be many qualified and professional people who are ready to get into the workforce, but they are for something that will allow them to be flexible. Since there are so many open positions that require them to work a set amount of hours, many qualified candidates choose not to apply for a certain job.

When these employees go through a staffing agency, they will discover companies like yours who will give them a chance to get into the workforce while being flexible. A staffing agency will allow job candidates to obtain more experience so they will be able to change career directions when they are ready.

All sides will be able to benefit from working with a staffing agency. Are you ready to discover what Proficient Staffing can do for your business? Contact us today.

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