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Temp Services Revamp for 2018

The job market changes so rapidly that employers find it challenging to adjust their recruiting strategies in time. They may have elaborate software solutions at their disposal, including online and mobile applications, applicant tracking systems, and pre-employment assessments with customizable screening questions. They may have many qualified applicants applying to their vacant positions, but they may not have the recruiters to screen people and fill those jobs. Their HR people are overworked, and their talent shortages will just keep increasing, which hurts their entire organization. They end up trusting other solutions in the talent market to address their HR needs (at least in the short-term). In the long-term, these organizations must fix their human capital strategy so they will have a more complete workforce in the future. Detroit temp services come in handy for meeting talent shortages, and these are flexible enough for employers to use when they need it. Temping arrangements are especially helpful for augmenting an organization’s special projects. Here, we look at how staffing agencies like ours can prove helpful to employers in 2018:

1. We can write more flexible job announcements that will attract temp candidates with different backgrounds. Many jobs that temp services now hire for will accept people with various skills and levels of education. Flexible hiring will be more about finding and hiring temps with an ability to act as knowledge workers. If applicants don’t have the direct experience that an employer wants, they can betrained by that company or organization. We find that this is often more cost-effective for an employer than waiting for a qualified individual.

2. We can move the recruitment process along more rapidly for open positions with the assistance of automated staffing software. Even though temp agencies may have access to enough talented applicants, they still have to complete important steps such as doing background screening and checking each candidate’s professional references. These can occur either before or after a candidate has made it through an interview and has received a job offer. We are committed to stepping up our training for our recruiters so our candidates will start work earlier, thus minimizing the effects of the vacancy on a client’s organization.

3. We can help employers use social networking for more recruitment success. People are still learning more about their favorite brands and talking about their life events, such as leaving a job or searching for a job on social networks. This is partly because candidates use their smartphones many times during a typical day and because Facebook and other networks remain on the cutting edge of keeping users interacting on their devices. We will encourage our client employers to expand the ways they announce vacancies, whether permanent or temporary, on more social networks. We can encourage employers to accept applications and to automatically respond to inquiries. Our own applicant tracking systems can successfully collect information on recruits through some social networks.

We want employers to be ready for increasingly mobile workforces including smartphone users applying for their temporary job openings. These are the knowledge workers who count on diverse employment opportunities and flexibility in hiring practices. Some people won’t look for a full-time job with regular hours because they don’t have to. For these applicants and for many others, a temp job is the perfect solution. They can accommodate more family obligations through temporary jobs. They can get hired and paid more rapidly than they would by waiting for a permanent job.

We recognize that your company will be more effective if you can outsource some of your hiring processes to a staffing agency. Temporary jobs are often how you find qualified people who later become permanent hires. They are part of your organization and provide valuable support to customers and colleagues. For more details on the benefits of using our temp services, please contact us in 2018.

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