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Are You on Track for That Promotion? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Asking for a promotion can produce anxiety. You put yourself in a vulnerable position where your manager might not give you what you want. However, the best way to advance your career is to advocate for yourself. If you don’t ask for a promotion, you might not get one. When you’re ready to move up in the organization, be sure to prepare for a conversation with your manager.

Here are some pointers to make your case as to why you deserve a promotion.

Determine What You Want

Think about what you want from a promotion. It may be more managerial responsibility, money, or power. Perhaps you want to take on an existing role or create one. Be sure to consider how your skill set aligns with company goals and objectives. You want to position your promotion request in connection with the direction the organization is going.

Talk with Coworkers

Discuss your desire for a promotion. Since your manager’s peers may be involved in the decision for promotion, you want their feedback. Find out how leadership views your strengths and weaknesses. Determine what your colleagues feel your reputation with the company is like. Ask how others successfully presented their cases for promotion so you can implement parts of their strategy.

Create Your Case

Build a convincing case for why you deserve a promotion. Write one to two pages detailing your successes with the organization. Provide concrete metrics of how you’ve benefitted your employer. Describe solutions you implemented and financial outcomes you created. Add comments from coworkers or customers that show why you’re a valuable member of the business. Include who could replace you, why they’re qualified, and how you’re preparing them for your current role.

Set a Meeting with Your Manager

Find an appropriate time to meet with your manager. Among the best times are after something great has happened, such as signing a major deal or the company announcing a solid earnings quarter. Begin your discussion by mentioning how excited you are to be there and make an impact. Outline the impacts you already made. Clarify your reasons for desiring a promotion. Share how you’d like to have ongoing talks about what it would take for you to reach the next level. Demonstrate your desire to grow and learn.

Follow Up

Meet with your manager every month or quarter to further discuss how you may receive a promotion. Be specific when asking for feedback. For instance, if you’d like more client-facing responsibilities, talk about how you spent the previous month talking with a key client and what you’ve learned. Or, share ideas of how you’d spend your first 90 days on the job. Show that you’ve given the matter significant thought and are serious about being promoted.

Talk with a Recruiter

If you don’t get the promotion you want, talk with a recruiter from Proficient Staffing. We have finance, accounting, and admin opportunities throughout Michigan that fit into your career plan. See which jobs are available today.


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