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How to Find the Best Employment Staffing Agency not only in Detroit, but Period!

The United States unemployment rate is hovering down around 4.7 percent according to recent statistics. With the surge of available jobs, employers are scrambling to find the best talent to fill the positions. Hiring the best talent is a priority for businesses. One way managers and business owners are filling the need is by working with a employment staffing agency.

Staffing agencies provide businesses with a viable avenue to secure employees. However, you do not want to just connect with any firm, but make sure you are getting the right agency to help your company. If you are an employer looking to work with an agency, how can you be sure you get the best? Here are 5 things to look for when contracting with a boutique staffing agency. Reputable Before enlisting the help of an agency, check them out. Make sure the firm is reputable and well known. Collaborating with a recruitment firm is a team effort so reputation is essential. Partnering with a firm that has an excellent reputation means a lot for your brand. When searching for an agency, check the website for evidence of a positive reputation. Testimonials offer a view of the agency through the client’s eyes.

Offers a variety of services Staffing agencies that offer a wide range of services are more likely to be able to meet your employment needs. Whether you need direct hire or contract employees, it is best to find an agency that offers all options. Your needs may change in the future and it serves you well to have someone that provides all you may need. Proactive As many employers know, often times resume does not tell the whole picture. Sometimes a person with the “perfect” resume is not the “perfect” candidate. Other factors such as emotional intelligence, cultural fit, and personality are just as important for finding the best match. When a staffing agency takes the time to ensure these personal characteristics are present, you know they have your best interests in mind. This means the agency must proactively get to know their talent pool and employers so they can make the best connections. Ethical Ethics is an important quality to have in any business. Finding a staffing agency that holds itself to a high standard of business ethics is a definite win for employers. One area of ethics involves the practice of poaching. Poaching can be defined as “practices that involve companies hiring employees from their competitors. Employee poaching oftentimes occurs in high-growth industries that rely on employees with specialized skills.” In other words, it involves an agency actively recruiting employees from a competing firm. Having a relationship built on trust is so important for both companies. Find a staffing agency that respects its partners. Experience Experience comes from years of practice working in the industry. Over time a solid company emerges that boasts a robust network of connections. When you work with an agency that has a wealth of experience you can feel confident they know how to connect you with the best fit for the position (s). When you need the employees for the job, they will already have someone in mind. Working with a employment staffing agency is a great option for businesses looking to secure top workers. With the flood of available jobs on the market, employers are seeking alternatives to find the talent they need. Staffing agencies provide this option. Agencies have access to some of the best talent around. However, finding the right staffing agency is of utmost importance for your company. Connect with Proficient Staffing to discover how our team of agents can find you the perfect match.

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